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Admission Process and Rehabilitation Assessment

Following what may have been years of addiction or emotional or psychological difficulties, finally facing the problem and making a commitment to recovery can be a terrifying prospect for a great many patients. Even with a fairly clear idea of what to expect in terms of treatment, the fear of replacing familiar thoughts and behaviours, not to mention that associated with exploring sometimes deeply-buried feelings and hurts can feel overwhelming. In addition, the mere fact of meeting new people and being in an unfamiliar location can often cause its own particular stresses.

We at Los Olivos aim to make the admission process and rehabilitation assessment as gentle and as welcoming as possible. When you arrive at southern Spain’s Malaga Airport, you will be met personally by a member of our staff, who will then drive you to our outstanding facility in the stunning Lake Vinuela region of the province. Once rested after your journey, you will be given a full tour of the beautiful accommodation and stunning grounds of Los Olivos, as well as an information pack which will help you to better understand the work that goes on here and what you can expect from our rehabilitation services during your stay.

The people that you meet at Los Olivos and the relationships that you build during your stay here are likely to be an absolutely integral part of your journey towards recovery and rehabilitation, and you will, of course, have the opportunity to meet the team of therapists, counsellors and doctors with whom you are going to be working, as well as your fellow patients. As the treatment centre is only a small facility which accommodates no more than 14 patients at any one time, our past guests have all been pleasantly surprised by the relaxed atmosphere and the lack of pressure that they felt upon their arrival and during the early days of their stay. In addition, the gentle family environment of Los Olivos together with the nature of our rehabilitation services is one in which patients feel immediately at home.

The whole philosophy of Los Olivos is based around treating our patients with the respect and dignity that they deserve, but which may not have been extended to them for some considerable time. Here, you can expect to be treated as a human being who is experiencing problems, rather than being burdened with the stigma frequently associated with addiction and standard rehabilitation assessment.

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