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Los Olivos Rehab in Spain - Admission Process and Rehabilitation Assessment

Finding the right treatment centre to help you on your road to recovery from substance addiction, eating disorders, trauma or co-dependency is absolutely crucial to your chances of success. Whether looking for residential drug treatment or planning a stay at an alcohol addiction treatment centre, any reputable practitioner will carry out an assessment of your case before going ahead with treatment. Therefore as the patient, it is important to remember one vital thing; the process of assessment, whilst it provides the therapist with a clear idea of the particular and unique problems that you are experiencing and allows him to make an evaluation in terms of whether he can help you, is also your opportunity to establish whether he is indeed the best person for the job. The therapy and counselling which form the basis of your treatment at Los Olivos rehab requires that you be able to place implicit trust in the people that you are dealing with, and so ensuring that you are comfortable with your choice is essential.

At Los Olivos Rehab in Spain, we offer our prospective patients an admission interview which is totally free of charge. The interview can either be conducted in person with one of our fully qualified specialists in Spain, or it can be carried out over the telephone if you are U.K. based. Either way, any information that you provide to us is treated in the strictest confidence.

Rehab in Spain Admission Interview – We want to be Right for You

The aim of your free admission interview by Los Olivos Rehab in Spain is to carry out an assessment of your case, and this is something that we consider to be of the utmost importance. We understand that you may have been suffering for many years or may have made many attempts in the past to conquer your illness, and what we are concerned with most is ensuring that you receive the best and most appropriate care according to your circumstances. If we feel that we are not best placed to provide the help and support that you need, we will tell you so and we will help you to find the right person who can give you the care that you require, be it another alcohol addiction treatment centre or perhaps residential drug treatment elsewhere. If, on the other hand, we feel that you are suitable for our programme, and if you are happy with your decision to work alongside us, then the admission process will begin.

During the course of your assessment interview, you will have the opportunity to discuss the problems that you have been experiencing and how these have impacted on your life, as well as to talk to the therapist about the most relevant and appropriate courses of treatment and what these involve. Use this opportunity to ask whatever questions are important to you to help you decide whether Los Olivos Rehab in Spain is the right facility for you, as well as to satisfy yourself with the professional credentials of our staff and the experience that they have in treating similar cases. If you have any special concerns, such as a bad experience with mental health professionals in the past then do not be afraid to raise these. Remember, this is your health and your recovery and it is vital that you move forward with confidence, motivation and optimism.

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