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Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Aftercare

After leaving Los Olivos' Private Residential Rehab Centre in southern Spain, the full recovery from addiction, eating disorders and emotional as well as psychological difficulties is sadly never an overnight process. Checking into our private residential rehab centre in Spain may be the first step. Replacing former habits, thoughts, behaviours and inclinations, whilst it can be done extremely successfully, inevitably takes time, effort and continual vigilance.

For many sufferers the route to recovery is often hidden when they remain in their familiar environment. Under such conditions a full recovery seems impossible to conceive. Being surrounded by the same pressures and the same temptations can leave them feeling unable to concentrate fully on their commitment to change. When not helped by private residential rehab clinics, any attempt to their solve problems themselves is often met by failure and frustration.

Los Olivos private residential rehab focuses on creating an environment which allows patients to focus firmly on their recovery. The work they begin at the centre provides them with the very best foundations for future success. In order that patients do slip back into their old habits or ways of thinking once they return to their own environment, sound and ongoing aftercare is crucial. Most private residential rehab clinics offer some form of aftercare, however at Los Olivos we have a track record which demonstrates a very low number of post-care relapses.

Rehabilitation Care and Aftercare

The ‘danger areas’ for each and every sufferer are of course unique to that person, as are the home environments and circumstances in which they will return to. This is where we stand out from other private rehab clinics in that our team truly endeavours to understand each individual. This means understanding their challenges and creating programmes which help them not only to re-integrate, but also to build continually on the solid foundation of recovery established during their time in private residential care.

You are far less likely to relapse into former behaviours and ways of thinking if you identify 'danger areas’ where particular triggers for destructive behaviours have been noted, for example specific people, places or situations. This is where our aftercare service comes into force. 

Establishing an effective support group in your home country is essential in ensuring the long-term success of the residential care you begin at Los Olivos Private Residential Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centre in Spain. This is an area where our staff focus a great deal of attention and energy on. The type of support required will of course vary according to the needs of each unique individual. It might typically include further therapy sessions, support to maintain healthy nutrition levels or attending 12 step programme meetings.

The people you meet during your stay at our private residential rehab centre will also form part of the extensive resources at your disposal. One of Europe’s leading private rehab centres, Los Olivos' Private Residential Rehab Centre in Spain ensures that whatever your circumstances or location, our therapists and counsellors will work closely with the sufferer to ensure that all the support required facilitating their ongoing recovery through excellent aftercare is in place upon their return.

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