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Private Residential Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Spain

Alcoholism is an increasingly common progressive disease. Left untreated, it has the potential to impact on almost every conceivable part of a sufferer’s life. Despite the best intentions of many individuals often attempts to stop drinking meet with failure when the necessary help and support, offered by clinics like Los Olivos Private Alcohol Rehab Centre, is not in place.

At Los Olivos Private Alcohol Rehab Centre in Spain our expert team of therapists and counsellors can provide not only complete alcohol detox facilities and round the clock medical treatment, but a full range of treatment programmes which are designed to tackle problems associated with alcohol in an integrated manner proven to best support long-term recovery.

We understand that every individual path towards alcoholism is a unique one and as such treat each case individually. However, frequently alcohol addiction goes hand in hand with other types of addiction or indeed often with deep-rooted and unresolved emotional or psychological difficulties which effectively keep the alcoholic in a self-destructive cycle. The members of our multidisciplinary team at Los Olivos Private Alcohol Rehab Centre in Spain are not only able to apply treatments which deal with co-existing problems, but also underlying ones which perpetuate the issue and lead the alcoholic to continue drinking.

Los Olivos, one of Europe’s Leading Private Alcohol Rehab Centres, in Spain

In an atmosphere of safety and support, within the grounds of our private residential alcohol rehabilitation centre, the patients are offered what they often don’t find elsewhere. Residential patients at Los Olivos Private Alcohol Rehab Centre in Spain can concentrate on exploring the difficult and painful issues which led to their alcohol dependence, as well as on understanding and breaking the destructive patterns of behaviour which contribute to the continuation of the addiction.

Following a full assessment, a customised treatment plan is created for every one of our patients, aimed at dealing with all aspects of their condition. The personal care and attention which is provided extends into what might encompass individual and group therapy sessions, cognitive behavioural therapy sessions, educational workshops and 12 step programmes which ultimately lead to the individual not only stopping drinking and remaining drink free, but to a vastly improved overall quality of life for themselves and their loved ones.

The beautiful setting of Los Olivos private alcohol rehab centre together with its calm and tranquil environment makes it an ideal location for recovering alcoholics to focus on their rehabilitation, whilst being removed from the distractions and temptations of everyday life.

Working alongside some of the finest and most experienced experts in alcohol addiction that Europe has to offer, our patients have the opportunity to overcome what is a potentially deadly disease, to finally conquer their addiction and to restore their lives to ones in which they have control over alcohol and in which the chances of relapse are drastically reduced.

In this way, gradually a solid foundation for long-term recovery is established. After the patient leaves Los Olivos Private Alcohol Rehab Center in Spain and are no longer in residential alcohol rehab they are not abandoned as treatment is then backed up by our excellent aftercare services.

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