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Alcohol and Drug Detox Clinic in Spain

For many a stay at our alcohol and drug detox clinic in Spain may be sufficient as a first step to overcoming addiction. Drug or alcohol detoxification is the process of ridding the body of the toxins which have accumulated through drug or alcohol abuse.

In most cases the withdrawal stage that addicts go through at a detox clinic typically begins with physical symptoms which can vary in intensity depending upon how long the substance has been used and the level of use.

When sufferers of substance abuse problems face these symptoms alone, it is often at this early withdrawal stage that they revert to their former habits in order to satisfy their cravings. Without full detoxification, however, residues of the substance can remain in the system and create cravings which last for many years after the substance abuse has been stopped. A stay at our private alcohol and drug detox clinic in Spain can help prevent this all too easy relapse.

Los Olivos Detox Clinic in Spain

Alcohol and drug detoxification is not only a process concerned with overcoming physical withdrawal. Abandoning an addiction to drugs or alcohol also requires psychological and mental readjustment, as well as changing thought processes and behaviours. This may take time. For this reason, it is vital that treatment that we offer at our detox clinic in Spain is aimed at overcoming drug and/or alcohol dependence by covering all aspects of withdrawal and focusing on providing patients with the tools to ensure long-lasting recovery.

However no standard detoxification programme can cater to every individual; there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to treatment, no two private alcohol or drug detox clinics will offer the same programme. We are all individual; each case requires a customised detox plan to see patients through the process in a way which is both safe and effective.

In certain cases full lengthy admission to Los Olivos Alcohol and Drugs Detox Clinic in Spain might be excessive. In such cases, a shorter stay at our alcohol and drugs detox clinic in Spain, arranged by our team of experts who provide a gentle and individualised detoxification programme, may suffice to get things back on track. We offer a two week detox plan for those who feel this option would best be suited to them. The team at Los Olivos Alcohol and Drugs Detox Clinic in Spain posses the experience gained over many years of leading those with drug and alcohol abuse successfully through rehabilitation.

We would like to invite those in need of alcohol or drugs detox to the stunning region of Lake Viñuela in southern Spain’s province of Malaga. In the tranquil family environment of our superb Alcohol and Drugs Detox Clinic, every stage of your detoxification will be monitored and accompanied by round the clock medical treatment and care as required.

As part of our holistic approach to our detox treatment, we not only work with you to ensure that the process is safe, but we also use regular therapy and counselling sessions in individual and group settings which are designed to get to the root of the addiction and to help you deal with the emotional and psychological distress.

As a patient when you leave the Los Olivos Rehab and Detox Clinic in Spain you may also benefit from our aftercare service which ensures continued support upon your return to your home country.

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