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British Teens Top the Drugs League Table


It’s not a title to be proud of but teenagers in Britain have topped the drugs league table where more are likely to have taken illegal drugs than teenagers anywhere else in Europe, according to a new survey.

The European School Survey Project on Alcohol and Other Drugs (ESPAD) found that 36% of British teenagers had tried illegal drugs at some point in their lives.

The survey questioned 15 and 16yr olds from schools in 30 European countries; 223 schools in the UK took part and although drug use amongst British teenagers has decreased in the last five years the UK still took the top spot, reported the Daily Mail. 

It’s not just the drugs league table that British teenagers are topping; they also came top for smoking and alcohol consumption with 20% saying they smoked on a daily basis.

"If the Government wants to crack down on drugs dealers it should be looking at the shop keepers who are selling the drink and cigarettes to the children.

"Part of the explanation is also that British families are setting a bad example to their children.

"If they grow up watching their parents drinking and smoking they are likely to copy.

"Teenage drinking has been going up for some time and even as we see it begin to level out it is still a serious concern" said Sociologist Dr Martin Plant from the Alcohol and Health Research Centre in Edinburgh.

The Republic of Ireland, Czech Republic and France also had a high level of teenagers admitting that they took drugs. Denmark, Finland, Greenland, Iceland, Ireland and the Faroe Islands featured near the top of the drinking league along with the UK.

Finland, Swede, Malta and Cyprus featured near the bottom of the drugs league and low alcohol consumption was seen in teenagers from Cyprus, Greece, France, Malta, Italy and Portugal.

Source: The Daily Mail


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