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Causes of Addiction & Factors that can Lead to it. Part 2

Following on from Part 1 and the biological traits that could lead to an addictive personality, Part 2 looks into the effect environmental factors may have on an individual and how it can cause an addictive personality.

A persons surroundings and environment have a huge part to play in developing that individual and can have a strong influence on the likelihood of this person turning to substance abuse.

The following are all environmental factors that can be found in many parts of the UK, often where one factor is in evidence others follow so an individual suffering with addiction may fall under a number of these factors.

Home Sweet Home –

An individual’s home life is key to their susceptibility to substance abuse; teens are particularly at risk if they come from a chaotic home.

This background can cause that teen to take their disruptive and addictive upbringing into their adult life leading to their own family becoming susceptible to substance abuse. On the other hand a supportive home with suitable parental supervision can reduce the probability of substance abuse and the need for drug rehab later in life.

Peer Pressure –

Research has shown that associating with peers of questionable behaviour, who habitually abuse drugs or alcohol, can put individuals at greater risk of developing an addiction themselves. It may seem obvious but many fail to notice the signs that are directly in front of them.

School –

Many parents see poor academic performance or attendance as a sign of substance abuse and this may indeed be the case, however it can turn out to be more innocent and easily treated through simple discussion or extra tuition. Unfortunately left unattended it could lead to frustration, anti-social behaviour and substance abuse.

Those that are involved in school and find subjects they are good at whilst maintaining their efforts to improve in subjects they are less attuned too have a better chance of avoiding drug rehab. Listening and talking to these individuals from the outset can have a lasting, positive effect well into adulthood.

Availability –

It may seem obvious but having access to drugs or alcohol at home, school or in the community can lead to a greater likelihood of substance abuse. The rise in prescription drug addicts is testament to this. The ease in which prescription drugs are available has, in recent years, been held responsible for the sharp increase in persons attending private rehabilitation centres for drug abuse. Understanding the dangers is key to deterring possible addicts.

Stress –

Stress, and in particular stress in early childhood has been linked with abuse of drugs and alcohol later in life. Stresses found in an unhealthy home environment where a child may encounter physical or sexual abuse is a particularly typical forerunner to substance abuse in adults. Outside clubs and groups can go some way to counter the effects of difficult social circumstances; sports teams, clubs and community projects are common and effective escape methods.

Abandonment –

Substance abuse is often a result of abandonment, be it from bereavement, break-up or a traumatic experience. Individuals often seem withdrawn and consciously try to avoid social situations, preferring to suffer in silence in a self-imposed exile.

Depression is one of the leading factors that leads an individual to abusing drugs or alcohol.

These environmental factors often have more influence on the young, however anyone can feel the effect of these factors and may be affected later in life.

If you or anyone you know is struggling with addiction please consider a private rehabilitation centre. Los Olivos is a drug rehab centre set in the peaceful Spanish countryside that provides full time counselling and medical support to help guests make a full and long lasting recovery.

We hope that by knowing these factors those at risk may be able to help themselves, however should you or someone you know need support or advice please contact us at Los Olivos. Contact us for full details on programs and contact details.

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