UK Government Statement on Alcohol Consumption - Take Two Days Off a Week

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big-benUK  MPs released a statement recommending you should have two days a week alcohol free, they also called for clearer guidelines on the Uk's stance on drinking to be published.

This statement was released following a new report from the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee after its review of the current UK alcohol policy.

Currently the department of health recommends that a man should not exceed 3-4 alcohol units a day whilst a women should not drink more than 2-3. They also recommend that in order to give the body time to recover, 48 hours rest should be allotted between drinking sessions.

unitsHowever many of the general public don't even know what a unit is, with so many variations of alcoholic beverages out there in various sizes and vessels it is easy to see why it is difficult to keep a track.

First introduced in 1987, units were simply a way of defining the quantity of alcohol in a drink. One unit is 10ml of pure alcohol measured in this way because this is the amount of alcohol the average person can process in an hour. So in theory within an hour of consuming one unit of alcohol there should be little to no trace of alcohol in an individuals bloodstream.

Units are also based on the size of the drink as well as its strength, e.g a pint of strong lager contains 3 units whilst a pint of your average strength lager will contain just over 2 units. Calculating your unit intake can be relatively simple, though something you may want to attempt the morning after rather than as you go. It can be particularly sobering to realise just how much you have drunk the night before, it may be interesting for those considering residential alcohol rehabilitation to keep a drinking diary prior to admittance to realise their addiction.

Take your drink's ABV (alcohol by volume) measure, this can usually be found on the label of most bottles and cans as well as on draft pumps, sometimes you may see it labeled as 'Vol'. You can work out the units to any drink you have by this equation -

Strength (ABV) x Volume (ml) ÷ 1000 = Units

After hearing submissions from various medical bodies, charities and industry experts the committee came to the conclusion that there should be a total review on the UK's policy on alcohol. Till this research is completed however the public is advised to have at least two days off a week from drinking.

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