Time to talk

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time-to-talkIt's one of the hardest talks to have with your child/children but sometimes a necessary one. How can you broach the subject without provoking arguments or stony silences and how do you deal with hearing the truth?

Here are a few tips to help talk to your child about drugs and their dangers in a supportive and understanding manner.

Pick a Good Time - Choose a quiet moment during the day, rush hours such as before school or work will never produce a satisfactory outcome. If you suspect your child to be actively taking drugs never confront them whilst you believe them to be high.

Research - In order to instigate a discussion on the subject make sure you are well enough informed to talk to your child about drugs and their possible consequences without looking out of touch.

Discuss - Do not make drugs an 'off limit' subject at home. If the subject should arise, either on the tv or over the dinner table, promote family discussion.

Where you Stand - It is important for your children to know what your thoughts are on the subject of drugs and what your boundaries are.

Start Young - It is never too soon to talk about drugs. A good understanding allows your child to make a more informed decision on their own when confronted with the choice to take or not.

Avoid Scare Tactics - This will seem unrealistic to your child and risk undermining your point of view.

Know their Friends - Peer pressure is the most common cause of experimentation. Get to know your child's friends and allow your home to be a welcoming, drug-free place for them to hang out in.

Support - Let them know you are always their for them.

Avoid Preaching - Don't assume you know more about drugs than they do, a successful discussion takes two to participate, so listen to their point of view.

Persevere - You may not get the outcome you'd hoped for right away but don't give up, let the air clear and try again.

Responsibility - Support them but let them know that at the end of the day it is their responsibility.

Be Realistic - A lot of teenagers experiment, you may have even tried drugs casually yourself. Remember that only a small portion of those that experiment go on to develop an addiction and need to spend time in a private rehab clinic.

Of course these are only guidelines, a parent will know their own child and we can only provide a few helpful hints on how to handle a situation concerning drugs and your child. As stated above, experimentation is common in teenagers and few go on to develop a dependency on drugs, however should you feel your child's experimentation is getting out of hand a residential drug treatment centre may be an option.

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