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What is Alcoholism?

alcohol-abuseAlcoholism also know as alcohol dependence syndrome is a disease and refers to people who have a loss of control over drinking alcohol.

People who have the disease normally crave alcohol, they have an overwhelming need to drink. They loose control and usually can not stop drinking once they have started.

They build up a tolerance to alcohol which means that they need to drink more and more each time to reach the desired effect, usually a brief high. Alcoholism can also effect your physical state. Side effects can include; body tremors or shaking, anxiety, nausea and insomnia.

A Residential alcohol rehabilitation program offers support for people dealing with alcoholism. If you think you are suffering from alcoholism or are worried about a friend who is, Los Olivos can help at residential rehab in Spain.

Signs of alcoholism can be recognised by answering the following questions:

When you drink, do you drink more than you intended to?

Have you tried to stop drinking but can't?

Do you hide how much you drink?

Does drinking stop you from participating in activities and socialising?

Do you spend a lot of your time thinking about alcohol or recovering from the side effects of alcohol?

Do you drink alcohol despite knowing the problems it is causing (physically and mentally) If you answered yes to any of these questions then you could have a drinking problem.

Many people choose to seek advice from experts at a residential alcohol rehab, there you will be able to get help from professionals in a stress free, relaxing environment. Alcohol initially gives a person feelings of pleasure and avoids negative emotions such as depression and anger.

Alcoholics are unable to control themselves around alcohol and will carry on drinking until they reach these feelings of pleasure.

The more they drink the bigger tolerance they build up to it which means they constantly need to be drinking more to reach their high.

Alcoholism is a serious illness, it is a chronic disease and anyone who suspects they or a friend has a problem should seek professional advice straight away.

Alcoholism can be treated. Most people suffering from alcoholism need professional help as stopping drinking through will power does not work for most.

The treatment usually starts with a detoxification period, however a detox will not work alone it will need to be followed by rehabilitative treatment which can be found in residential alcohol rehabilitation centres.

The length of the programme can vary depending on the severity of the addiction. For more information about residential rehab please visit our website.

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