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Too Taboo to Talk About

addictionrecoveryAs experts offering drug and alcohol treatments at our residential rehab centres in Spain, there is one issue that still remains taboo.

Few like to talk about it but it can happen to the best of us and can occur at any time during a patients recovery.

Los Olivos isn't afraid to raise the subject though and that is setbacks, are they a natural step towards recovery?

Recovery is a trying and difficult process, there is no easy fix unfortunately. As good as the program to recovery you are on is, there is always the possibility of setbacks, those that say their program is setback-proof are fooling themselves and, unfortunately those that need the help. Setbacks are a part of recovery, a necessary evil, but what is important is how the patient picks themselves up from them and continues the program with the support of the professionals and friends at Los Olivos's private rehabilitation centre.

On a residential rehab program with Los Olivos will, even in the shortest of time there, you will have gained techniques and tools to help deal with setbacks.

Whereas before you may have been tempted to take the easy or dishonest way out, possibly provoking a relapse, now as a Los Olivos attendee you will be able to see the way to regain control.

Effective recovery typically brings a lot of personal issues to the surface.

These can be uncovered in private sessions or through group discussions. Some are easier to deal with that others and a few may lead to setbacks; none should lead to a relapse. A setback is just what it implies, it doesn't alter your final destination, that of recovery, it merely holds up the process briefly. During your time in our private residential rehabilitation centre you will learn to overcome setbacks and turn them in positive experiences on the road to recovery.

Like a bike, you may fall off from time to time but what is important is that you get straight back on again - huge cliché, apologies.

Los Olivos is a private rehab clinic situated in the Spanish countryside. Secluded yet with in-house professionals to support those in recovery, Los Olivos is a private rehabilitation centre dedicated to helping those looking to quit and stay off their addiction.

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