Drunken Walking Ban in Spain?!

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Spain has proposed to crackdown on dangerous walking, yes you read that right! The proposals have been suggested by the Directorate General of Traffic in order to improve road safety between pedestrians and drivers.

The crackdown on dangerous drunken walking will be implemented by breathalysing pedestrians. Other suggestions to improve road safety between road users and pedestrians is to introduce an off road speed limit for joggers. How this will be implemented is yet to be disclosed.

A study published in the Journal of Trauma in 2011 found that 55% of pedestrians who had consumed alcohol ignored designated crosswalks, compared to 22% of sober ones.

Drinkers who ended up in hospital had injuries twice as severe as sober casualties and found themselves staying two days longer.

The proposals will reclassify pedestrians as ‘users of the road’ just like drivers, making them responsible for their actions and having to deal with the consequences of the effect their drunken antics has on others.

Source: The Guardian