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Our lifestyle and the lack of time are the main reasons we don’t exercise or eat healthy food. When this happens, not only our bodies suffer, but also our minds.

These tips are part of the 7 habits that, world-class endurance athlete, Christopher Bergland recommends.

  1. 1.Daily exercise

It involves a basic 20 minute work-out. It doesn’t have to be a complicated sport a daily routine walk suffices.

  1. 2.Intellectual curiosity

He considers that spending part of our time exploring new ideas will make it easier to achieve a healthier body and mind.

  1. 3.Developing curiosity

This habit has the same benefits as the last. Solving mind games and moving around in new environments increment the brain activity, enriching and reinforcing our brain cells.

  1. 4.Connect with other people

To keep a healthy mind it is convenient to create a close social environment and maintain the link between it.

  1. 5.Have a spiritual reference

Spiritual doesn’t necessarily mean religious. With this habit he proposes that we identify ourselves with whatever inspires us, whether it be religious or even our own parents.

  1. 6.Achieving an energy balance

He explains how technology has made us more inactive, physically and mentally. You have to find a proportionate balance between the food you ingest and the exercise you do.

  1. 7.Simplicity

Bergland proposes a simpler and free life. In which we only need the basics, without creating any unnecessary needs.

Translated and adapted from: El Confidencial

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