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Assaults on Paramedic's by Drunk's a Growing Problem


60% of paramedics have been subjected to aggression by drunk people, according to a new report.

90% of paramedics have been threatened at least once during their last duty and some paramedics said they had even been sexually assaulted or harassed by a patient or member of the public who was drunk.

The survey by Balance joined up with the North East Ambulance Service and collected opinions from 350 paramedics. 60% of them felt that they should not have to deal with the consequences of alcohol misuse. 50% said they had been threatened by a drunken patient or member of the public six or more times.

In 2013-2014 Balance estimated alcohol misuse to have cost the NHS £242million.

"It's clear from this report that our paramedics are personally paying the price for the alcohol misuse of others." Director Colin Shevills told

"This is an unnecessary burden on the ambulance service's time and resource and it is totally unsustainable.

"We need the Government to support a range of targeted, evidence-based measures, such as increasing the price of the cheapest, strongest alcohol products, which has been shown to save lives, reduce hospital admissions, cut crime and lessen the financial burden alcohol places on frontline services." He continued.

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