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Students Spend More on Alcohol than Food


University students are spending more of their money on alcohol per week than what they do on food, reveals new survey. surveyed 2,109 university students who had a student loan and lived away from home, in either halls or student accommodation.

On average the strap cashed students were spending £260 per week. The biggest expense was rent/bills costing £90 per week and alcohol/nights out came second costing them £60 out of their weekly budget. Food however seemed to be way down on the list of their priorities, with only £15 per week being spent on groceries.

‘Moving away from your hometown and starting a university degree is often the first time that young adults will have the chance to move away from their parents control and start taking responsibility for their own lives and finances. Dan Hawkins, from, told Metro newspaper.

‘It is ultimately an extremely exciting time and gives students the chance to meet new friends and bond during social nights out, but the fact that such a large proportion of student loans are being spent on alcohol is somewhat concerning.’ He added.

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