Working Long Hours = Higher Alcohol Consumption

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Working more than 48hrs per week can increase your chance of consuming more alcohol by 11% compared to those who work a standard week, new research showed.

Researchers analysed data from 333,700 people in 14 countries and found that those who worked longer hours were at a higher risk of consuming more alcohol, cancer, stroke, liver diseases, mental disorders and coronary heart disease.

Those who worked 49-54hrs increased alcohol consumption by 13%. Working 55hrs or more per week increased alcohol consumption by 12% compared to those working 35-40hrs per week.

"The workplace is an important setting for the prevention of alcohol misuse, because more than half of the adult population are employed,"

"Further research is needed to assess whether preventive interventions against risky alcohol use could benefit from information on working hours" researchers wrote in the study published in the British Medical Journal

Source: University Herald