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A Single Line of Cocaine can be Emotionally Damaging


Snorting one single line of cocaine is enough to cause users emotional damage, new study shows.

Researchers at Maastricht University in The Netherlands measured the effect of cocaine on 24 volunteers, 12 had been given a placebo.

The results showed that even after just one line of the drug people were unable to recognise negative emotions in others, such as sadness.

‘This might hinder the ability to interact in social situations, but it may also help explain why cocaine users report higher levels of sociability when intoxicated — simply because they can’t recognize the negative emotions.’ said Dr. Kim Kuypers, highlighted in an article for Metro.

The study has left researchers wondering what damaging affect the drug is having on repeated users.

‘We know cocaine is a powerful and addictive drug and an important question remains: does cocaine mess up this process so that when cocaine users are off the drug they feel like other people have more negative emotions?’ added Dr Michael Bloomfield of University College London.

Source: Metro

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