Go Alcohol-Free for a Month and Improve Your Health

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Drinkers should take a month off from consuming alcohol to see dramatic improvements on their health, say doctors.

The results come from two studies; the first by the Royal Free Hospital who found that when participants abstained from alcohol blood pressure and cholesterol levels dropped and the liver started to heal. If participants abstained for 4 weeks the chances of developing cancer and type 2 diabetes also decreased.

Professor Kevin Moore, who was involved in the experiments, told The Daily Mail that ‘the results were staggering,’

‘If you had a drug that did this it would be a multi-billion pound market.

‘There was a 40 per cent reduction in liver fat, they lost about three kilograms in weight and their cholesterol levels improved.’ He said.

In the second study researchers asked 102 reasonably healthy men and women in their forties to participate in the ‘dry January’ campaign.

The women were drinking on average 29 units of alcohol per week and men typically 31 units per week, both above the recommended Government guidelines.

After 4 alcohol-free week’s blood tests showed that damaged livers were repairing themselves after years of heavy drinking; ‘liver stiffness’, a sign that someone has the disease, was reduced by 12.5%.

Candidates who had some degree of insulin resistance before the study also showed signs of improvements, meaning their chances of developing type 2 diabetes later in life was decreased.

‘I am excited. There are some findings that will be pretty novel. It’s an important study which shows the benefit from a month’s abstinence. What we can’t say is how long those benefits are, how durable those benefits are.’ said Gautam Mehta, a liver specialist who took part in the research.

Candidates also saw other health benefits such as weight loss, improvements in their sleeping patterns and an increase in concentration levels.

The current recommendations on safe drinking levels say women should drink no more than 3 units of alcohol a day or 14 units over a week and men should not consume more than 4 units a day or 21 units per week.

However health officials believe that the current guidelines are too high and that people should be recommended to take at least 2-3 days off alcohol per week in order to let their body recover. The Department of Health is looking at the research from this study and at similar studies in order to prepare new guidelines on safe drinking.

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