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Five Legal Highs Banned in Britain


Five so called ‘legal highs’ have been temporarily banned in Britain for the next 12 months whilst a full assessment of their potential harm is carried out, following recommendation from drug minister Lynne Featherstone.

One of the legal highs under scrutiny is ethylphenidate, which is widely marketed as a ‘research chemical’ and has been widely available over the internet in Britain for four years.

The Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs (ACMD) has recommended that a ban should be placed on the drug ethylphenidate based on evidence that it causes serious health problems. Four related compounds have also been banned to prevent users from switching.


Young UK Professionals Admit to Drink Problem


One in five young professionals considers themselves to have a problem with alcohol, a new survey has found.

47% of young professionals said that they thought it was acceptable to regularly get drunk on a night out.

The survey, commissioned by Opinium Research, questioned 4,000 UK adults and revealed that 7% of them admitted to having a drinking problem.


Drunken Walking Ban in Spain?!


Spain has proposed to crackdown on dangerous walking, yes you read that right! The proposals have been suggested by the Directorate General of Traffic in order to improve road safety between pedestrians and drivers.

The crackdown on dangerous drunken walking will be implemented by breathalysing pedestrians. Other suggestions to improve road safety between road users and pedestrians is to introduce an off road speed limit for joggers. How this will be implemented is yet to be disclosed.


Still Fighting the War on Drugs?


Four US states have agreed to legalise the sale of marijuana, drug laws are being relaxed in Uruguay, Portugal, Jamaica and the Czech Republic so does this mean the world has lost the war on drugs?

A team of four expert witnesses express their opinions and experiences in dealing with drugs issues in The Inquiry, a BBC World Services programme.


ADHD Drug Abuse Widespread Among US College Students


The misuse of the drug used in treating ADHD is prevalent amongst college students in the US, according to a report by the University of South Carolina.

“Misuse of stimulant medication among college students is a significant concern as more students with ADHD are attending college and prescriptions for stimulant medications are on the rise.” the report stated.


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