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Tories Vow to Strip Benefits from Alcoholics, Drug Addicts and the Obese


Benefit claimants signed off work for being obese or for having alcohol or drug addictions could see their welfare payments reduced or even stripped if they refuse treatment under new Tory plans.

2.5million people are on sickness benefits, 1.5million of which have been receiving payments for more than 5yrs.

Around 100,000 of these claimants receive money from tax-payer handouts totaling £500 million a year because of health conditions brought on by treatable conditions such as obesity and substance abuse.


Heavy Alcohol Consumption Increases Risk of Stroke


Excessive drinking in midlife is found to raise the risk of having a stroke by 34%, compared with light drinking, shows report published in Stroke, a journal of American Heart Association (AHA).  

And you may be surprised to hear that the risk of having a stroke in middle age is increased by drinking only two alcoholic drinks per day.


Significant Link Between Cannabis Use and Mania Symptoms


There is a strong link between smoking cannabis and the exacerbation of mania symptoms, including feelings of anger, hyperactivity and delusions, report reveals.

Mental health researchers from Warwick Medical School carried out a review of scientific reports which examined the effects of cannabis use. The paper, published in the Journal of Affective Disorders, sampled 2,391 individuals who had experienced mania symptoms.


The Rising Drug & Alcohol Problem in Schools


Every week one primary school child is suspended for consuming drink and/or drugs and 40 children aged between 5-11yrs were excluded from school in England last year due to the problem, latest figures reveal.

The situation in secondary schools is worse still as 6,500 pupils were excluded between 2012-2013 due to drink and drugs. These new figures are warning signs that teachers and parents are losing the battle against substance abuse.


Parliamentary Conference to Tackle Failing UK Drug Laws


A high-profile parliamentary conference exploring alternative solutions to Britain's failing drug laws is to be held next month. The conference will be in preparation for the 2016 UN general assembly session on global drug issues.

The conference, to be hosted by the UK parliament's Commons home affairs committee will included representatives from Mexico's foreign ministry, legalization campaigners and health experts.


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