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Long Working Hours Increases Risk of Alcohol Dependency


Working more than 48hrs a week could lead to the increased consumption of alcohol, a recent study suggests.

Researchers in Finland studied 333,693 people across 14 countries and found that the more hours that were worked the likeliness of a higher alcohol intake increased by 11%.

Female employees working long hours were found to be at greater risk of drinking at least 2 glasses of wine per night, and men were found to be at risk of drinking at least 3 pints.


10 Things Revealed in the Global Drug Survey


The Global Drug Survey is a worldwide questionnaire, with partners in 20 countries, that helps to gather information on global drug trends, directly from the people that use them. Last year 80,000 people participated in the questionnaire and this year this figure is expected to reach 120,000.

The survey asks questions such as where do you buy your drugs, how frequently do you use drugs and which drugs you use and why. Here we are looking at some of the key points and issues raised in previous surveys.



party-binge-drinkingIf you find yourself rationalising your drinking, lying about it, or refusing to discuss the subject, take a moment to consider why you are being so defensive. If you truly believe you don’t have a problem, there should be no reason for you to cover up your drinking habits or make excuses.


Too Taboo to Talk About

addictionrecoveryAs experts offering drug and alcohol treatments at our residential rehab centres in Spain, there is one issue that still remains taboo.

Few like to talk about it but it can happen to the best of us and can occur at any time during a patients recovery.

Los Olivos isn't afraid to raise the subject though and that is setbacks, are they a natural step towards recovery?


What is Alcoholism?

alcohol-abuseAlcoholism also know as alcohol dependence syndrome is a disease and refers to people who have a loss of control over drinking alcohol.


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