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Can you Afford to Take the Risk?

We all know that drinking too much isn't a good thing, hangovers, nausea, and tiredness, not to mention the unfortunate effect on our appearance should deter us more than it does.


Time to talk

time-to-talkIt's one of the hardest talks to have with your child/children but sometimes a necessary one. How can you broach the subject without provoking arguments or stony silences and how do you deal with hearing the truth?

Here are a few tips to help talk to your child about drugs and their dangers in a supportive and understanding manner.


UK Government Statement on Alcohol Consumption - Take Two Days Off a Week

big-benUK  MPs released a statement recommending you should have two days a week alcohol free, they also called for clearer guidelines on the Uk's stance on drinking to be published.

This statement was released following a new report from the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee after its review of the current UK alcohol policy.


From Cannabis to Crystal Meth and their Effects on the Mind

5-most-common-illegal-drugsAn article published on the NHS website explains the effects of popular drugs on the brain both in the short term and long term. It makes for some interesting reading so we thought we'd break it down and post it here.

(Original research carried out by noted neuroscientist, professor David Nutt and Martin Barnes of the charity Drugscope. Quotes present are from their original transcript).


Prescription Drug Abuse Epidemic

There has been a significant increase in the abuse of prescription drugs Pregabalin and Gabapentin, especially amongst prison inmates and heroin addicts, reports the 2014 annual DrugScope survey.


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