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Lower Risk of Needing Treatment for Alcohol Misuse if you are Active

More physical activity throughout one’s lifetime has been found to reduce the need for treatment of alcohol misuse, concludes a new study from Denmark.

The study followed a group of adults for 20yrs and found that those who were more active in their free time were less likely to need treatment or hospitalization for alcohol misuse.

Researcher are unsure of the relationship between exercise and the lower risk of needing treatment for an alcohol disorder but there is defiantly a positive link between the two, as Dr. Ulrik Becker of the National Institute of Public Health at the university of Southern Denmark in Copenhagen, co-author of the report, tells Reuters Health.


UK – Cannabis Users Let Down as Class A Drugs Take Spotlight

Leading drugs experts are warning that cannabis users are being let down by services as there is far too much emphasis on getting help to people addicted to Class A substances.


Is the UK a nation of alcoholics?

alcoholProbably not. Or at least they don’t like to admit to it. The UK government recommends that they drink no more than four units a day if we are male or three units a day if we are female.

Translated into tipple, that is two pints of standard lager for men or a large glass (25cl) of wine for women, if they stick to drinking stereotypes.

Not a lot I hear you say, and there in lies the problem. Most people would probably not think they had a problem if they had three pints a night, or two glasses of wine.


Causes of Addiction & Factors that can Lead to it. Part 2

Following on from Part 1 and the biological traits that could lead to an addictive personality, Part 2 looks into the effect environmental factors may have on an individual and how it can cause an addictive personality.

A persons surroundings and environment have a huge part to play in developing that individual and can have a strong influence on the likelihood of this person turning to substance abuse.

The following are all environmental factors that can be found in many parts of the UK, often where one factor is in evidence others follow so an individual suffering with addiction may fall under a number of these factors.


What is Binge Drinking?

The results of Amy Winehouse’s inquest brought binge drinking back into the news in a big way.

It was established at the inquest that the singer had consumed a large amount of alcohol after a period of abstinence, triggering a coma and respiratory failure.

There were no drugs in her body. Her death raises the question of how much is too much and what constitutes binge drinking.


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