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Causes of Addiction and Factors that can lead to it (Part 1)

Both biological and environmental elements contribute to whether a person is at risk of addiction and it is usually a combination of the two that leads a person to it.

Research indicates that drug abuse is more likely to begin in adolescence due to the very nature of those teenage and young adulthood years where the brain is driven to try new things and experiment without that judgment or self control that is developed in later life.


A Closed Social System - An Addict's Family and their Roles

shamelessIn a chemically dependent person or addict’s home certain roles are adopted by its members in an attempt to protect both themselves and the addict.

Experts have defined a variety of roles adopted by family members, a network that is commonly referred to as a 'Closed Social System'.

Here are examples of a few seen within an addict’s household.

If any of these roles or characteristics seem familiar in your home life it may be time to consider looking into a residential drug treatment scheme in a private rehab centre as help for that person in your life.


Cheers by Renate Van Nijen - Alcoholism Book

The book, 'Cheers' by Dutch Artist/Author Renate Van Nijen which reveals the compelling face behind alcoholism.

Los Olivos Recovery is committed to seeking out literature, articles and the latest research all of which can go hand in hand with residential rehab and in this case alcohol rehab as part of help with overcoming addictions.

Her book which draws on personal experience is very much aimed at raising awareness of alcoholism as well as being of help to those suffering from alcohol addiction.


Cocaine Addiction Facts

A common myth states that cocaine is not an addictive drug because it lacks the physical withdrawal symptoms seen in alcohol or heroin addiction. However cocaine is a drug associated with powerful psychological addictive properties and as the UKs number one abused stimulant, more and more people are seeking help in overcoming this addiction, but how best to?


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