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Rehab in Spain Client Stories

Los Olivos Rehab in Spain have treated and helped many clients with drug, alcohol and/or prescription drug addictions in the past. What makes us different from other rehab centres is that we offer continued support after you have left our facilities. Recovery from drug or alcohol addiction can be a lengthy process, at Los Olivos Rehab in Spain we are proud that we have played a part in helping many people beat their addictions and go on to lead happy alcohol and drug-free lives. Below are some comments and feedback from clients who have stayed at Los Olivos Rehab in Spain. 

Robin Banks

Before coming into treatment he was one of the UK's most notorious radio presenters. He has worked in radio for Kiss 100, Virgin Radio, Atlantic 252 and XFM. On TV for the BBC, Channel 4 and various satellite channels he (still currently!) narrates the hugely popular Mythbusters for the Discovery Channel. Robin has been fired by every radio company in the country: he claimed on-air that his boss (at that time Chris Evans) was dead, he broke into Kiss 100 studios late one night and 'hijacked' the station putting out his own drunken ramblings, he was very, very close to the edge. He was notorious as a 'loose cannon'. But he lived a very, very 'rock and roll' life& he soon came to realise that it had a price. In June 2007 he booked himself into treatment in Spain under the care of Amanda and Dominic for his drink and drug addiction. He knew what he was doing was ruining his life but; "I just could not stop" he says. "A part of me was running away, in fact a big part, but a smaller part of me knew I had to kick this or else I would die". Robin spent the full six weeks and came back to the UK wanting to help other people and the plan was to not get back into broadcasting at all. On his return from the treatment centre in Spain he remortgaged his house to free up some funds because he wanted now to help people. He helped set up The Tiny Difference Company ( which helps save lives in Africa. He also set-up The Tiny Box Company ( which is the UK's sole company that only deals in recycled packaging. After a few months he realised that his passion was broadcasting but as you can imagine with his track record, would anyone gamble on him? The answer is a resounding 'Yes'. Robin currently (along with helping run two hugely successful companies) now presents the breakfast show on Leicester Sound ( ). He also coaches and trains radio presenters worldwide. Robin is an ambassador for the Teenage Cancer Trust which is a charity devoted to improving the lives of teenagers and young adults with cancer. TCT achieves its goals through a number of initiatives, all dependent on private fundraising efforts that range from high profile concerts and sponsored treks to local community events and personal charitable giving. Now a committed TCT supporter he tries to raise funds and more awareness. ( "Amanda and Dominic literally saved my life, I just could not stop and at the time I was at rock bottom. Please, if you need any reassurance or even to speak to someone about any troubles that you may have do get in touch with me through any of the above companies (I have been where you are and it's horrible) or please book yourself now into treatment. Without sounding like a completely cheap and nasty advert it was truly the best thing I have ever done in my life".

Kathy and Geoff

Dear Dominic and Amanda we would like to take this opportunity to wish you all the best for your new venture. It looks wonderful and the work you do there we are sure will make a lot of difference to a lot of lives. Paul is doing very well in his recovery and will be moving on to tertiary next week. Thank you both so much for helping him get through a very difficult first stage. We owe you a great deal, our family dynamics have changed in a enormous way thanks to the family therapy we had whilst Paul was in treatment. We wish you all the best and thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Best wishes


Amanda you and Dominic have saved my life, you have been a strength to me from my first phone call to you. Thanks for putting up with all my moaning and tantrums! I will miss you loads but I am glad to be going home and starting my new sober life. Lots of love


Hello Dominic Amanda and all the team, Just to say got back home and all is going well. I just wanted to say a massive thank you to you all for showing me the way and helping me turn my life around. I am hoping one day I will be able to show you my gratitude in some way rather than just say it. I have lots of support, I have met some great people and I am starting to enjoy my life, something I never thought possible without the use of drugs. Please say hello to everyone for me and once again thank you. Love to you all


Hi Guys, Sober now since I got back from your place and I cannot believe how on track my life is. Wayne my man said that I am still the same person only I seem freer (remember I was worried in my first week that you were trying to change me?). Actually I can’t notice a difference in me apart from I am not pissed all the time and being horrible. I have started to bon dwith my daughter now, and for all this time I thought it was her. Thanks you so much for my family back.


What can I say? Only I can’t believe how I feel right now. I laughed before I came to stay with you when people said that the experience would change my life. Dominic your methods are fantastic and Nicholas I love your smile. You are now my second family.


I can actually do things again and it took 6 weeks. amanda truly you worked a miracle with me. 7 weeks ago i was too afraid to go outside, i was a paranoid mess. now i’m writing a comment for you to post on the internet. I know it’s only a small thing but seriously i cant begin to explain what you 2 have done. oh and thanks nic for always being super lovely to me.

Rita H

Dominic, I really can’t believe how you made me feel. For the first time in my life I actually talked to someone honestly. I always thought that I was honest until all we seemed to do was talk. I don’t know how you do it but you are a friend for life. I thasnk you from the bottom of my heart for letting me see me for the lovely person I really am.


Hi Nic, I just wanted to write to you and tell you that what you said to me that Tuesday night I will never forget and will always stay with me. I commend you on your total honesty and can say that your words resonate within me even now.


What can I say? I didn’t believe what people said about you. It took me until I met you the very first time. Something inside me just clicked. I know it sounds like a tired cliché and I have read your comments page and that ‘that’s bullsh@t’ but I am looking at myself every day and now I understand. I can’t believe it. I can’t understand it. It’s like you sent me out and back home in another body and mind. I am happy and content and getting my life back on track . You may be getting a call from a friend of mine who is in a bad way soon. I can only help him and point him to you. I can do no more. Thanks so much for me.


Oh dear Amanda I seem to be a different person and it’s great!

John Morris

Dominic, How you did this only God knows. You and the team are superb and I have carried on my martial arts. Went to you with a drug problem came out with a new hobby… Martial Arts! It’s one of many great stories that I have in my arsenal. Thank you, thank you, thank you and thank you some more.


Dominic Amanda and not forgetting Nicholas, Scottish Jeremy here. My mates did not believe me when I told them I was in Rehab’ for 6 weeks. My tan is great. They are believing me now as I don’t go wild every night and rip it up to be accepted. Nicholas thanks for sorting me with sweets when I needed them. Ya beauty.

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