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Code of Ethics

Whatever type of professional services we might have a requirement for, most of us want the comfort of knowing that these are delivered to the highest standards and comply with the relevant code of ethics, and this is especially true when we are entrusting the care of our health to others. Not only are the exceptional team of therapists and counsellors at Los Olivos extremely well-trained and able to offer many years of experience in their specialist fields, as well as proven results, but they are also members of the Federation of Drug and Alcohol Professionals (FDAP) who adhere strictly to their Code of Practice.

The Federation of Drug and Alcohol Professionals is the professional organization which regulates and is committed to improving the standards of professional practice across the field of substance misuse, not least through its contribution to professional development. Its Code of Practice lays down the standards that professionals in this field are expected to work to and its Complaints and Disciplinary procedures help to ensure that the highest quality standards are maintained at all times.

The responsibility which those in the field of therapy and counselling carry is clearly a very serious one which has the potential to impact on both the short and long-term health and well-being of their patients. The importance of choosing a practitioner who is properly trained and equipped to deal with the physical, emotional and psychological implications of his or her duty and according to the highest ethical standards cannot, therefore, be over-emphasised. By selecting a specialist medical care provider who works to the FDAP Code of Practice, patients can not only be assured that their practitioner will meet his or her legal obligations, but also that they will be treated with honesty, fairness and integrity and that their case will receive the degree of thoroughness and conscientiousness that it properly deserves.

As well as ensuring that its members are professionally competent to assess, care for and treat their patients, the Federation of Drug and Alcohol Professionals also sets out guidelines in relation to the professional supervision of practitioners, to client relations, the consent of patients and, of course, to the issue of client confidentiality. In addition, patients can also be assured that practitioners who work to the Code of Practice are adequately covered by insurance for professional indemnity and liability. Readers can view a copy of the FDAP Code of Practice by clicking on the following link:

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