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Los Olivos Drug Addiction Treatment Centre in Spain

The power of drugs such as heroin, cocaine and crack cocaine, amphetamines, ecstasy and LSD to create chemical and psychological dependence is huge. This is where private drug rehab centres can truly make a difference.

However, even after an addict has committed to recovery the process of rehabilitation is typically a long-term one which involves not only detoxifying the body but also uncovering and tackling any underlying trauma or experiences which may have contributed to the addiction, as well as developing healthier patterns of behaviour for the future.

Los Olivos offers addiction treatment from their rehabilitation centre in Spain. Step one for admission to Los Olivos drug rehab and their addiction treatment programme is a FREE admission interview. This may either be carried out at our facilities in London or over the telephone. Patients who are accepted onto the drug addiction treatment programme at Los Olivos can expect a full medical and psychological evaluation, the findings of which are used to develop a customised addiction treatment plans aimed at restoring long-term well-being and freedom from the use of drugs.

Los Olivos, Drug Addiction Treatment Centre in Spain Makes a Difference

After admission to Los Olivos Drug Addiction Treatment Centre in the South of Spain, residents immediately start benefiting from their stay at this superb facility.

Under the constant care and guidance of some of Europe’s leading experts in the field of drug rehabilitation and in the treating of addictions, those who suffer from drug addiction receive the levels of personal care that we believe are essential for ensuring the greatest chance of recovery.

At your disposal at Los Olivos residential drug treatment centre in Spain, is a multidisciplinary team able to offer everything from a safe, effective and customised detox and drug addiction recovery programme and, where required, full medical treatment, through a whole range of counselling and therapy sessions. Your drug addiction treatment programme will be designed to take a holistic approach to rehabilitation and to treat the individual rather than just the drug addiction itself.

Drawing on many years of training and experience, our therapists and counsellors will work with you through one-to-one and group therapy and counselling sessions. Through cognitive behavioural therapy sessions we will explore co-existing and underlying issues which may have caused or perpetuated the drug addiction.

In addition, our patients receive education through workshops and twelve step programmes which, alongside their aftercare support, allows them to build on the excellent foundation that they have built during their stay at Los Olivos Drug Addiction Treatment Centre in Spain.

The tranquil family environment, unlike most found at private drug addiction treatment centres, is one in which our patients feel safe and secure and where they can be assured of complete confidentiality. In this setting, they are able to concentrate on and deal effectively with their journey through drug rehabilitation and achieve long-lasting recovery to the benefit of every aspect of their lives.

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