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Addiction Treatment Centre in Spain with Friends and Family in Mind

Being around someone who is suffering from addiction can be extremely difficult. In some cases, family members and friends struggle to understand just what is happening to their loved one, as well as what the options are for their treatment. In others, they want to know what they can do to offer appropriate support without themselves contributing to the issue. In others still, they might even have developed their own particular sets of emotional and psychological difficulties as a direct result of their loved one’s condition or because they themselves have unresolved issues.

The members of the team at Los Olivos Addiction Treatment Centre in Spain firmly believe that, for everybody’s benefit, the family and friends of our patients need to be supported too. We actively encourage them to come forward and ask for the advice and resources that they need to be able to help their loved ones, and hence themselves, through the recovery process.

Addiction Treatment Centre-Family Counselling

Addictions and emotional or psychological problems rarely ever affect only a single individual. The specialists at Los Olivos, private addiction treatment centre, have a great deal of experience in the impact that these problems can have on entire families. We offer family counselling sessions which help all of those concerned to work towards more constructive ways of interacting which allow everyone’s needs to be met.

Addiction Treatment Centre-One to One Counselling

Where family or friends have their own needs and concerns that they want to address, we can provide one-to-one counselling sessions at our addiction treatment centre to meet this requirement. If you think that we may be able to offer some assistance, then do not hesitate to give us a call. In the meantime, however, do not forget that Al-Anon and Alateen groups are there to provide support, understanding and hope to adults and teenagers respectively who have been affected by a friend or loved one’s drinking.

Addiction Treatment Centre-Intervention

In cases involving addiction, it is not uncommon for sufferers to hide or deny their problem, in some cases for many years. For those who care about them and who are forced to watch them systematically destroy their lives and their relationships, this can obviously be extremely worrying and upsetting. Intervention is a process whereby a person who is suffering from an addiction, or even from the effects of a traumatic incident, is confronted about their destructive behaviour, with a view to encouraging them to accept immediate treatment. It takes the form of a well-planned meeting which is guided by a qualified and experienced therapist or counsellors at Los Olivos Addiction Treatment Centre in Spain who will typically advise and instruct the family members and friends taking part in advance.

At Los Olivos Addiction Treatment Centre in Spain we firmly believe that treatment should extend beyond the patient to involve the needs of family and friends.

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