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Alcohol & Drugs Rehab in Spain

Facing the ravages of drug addiction and alcohol abuse or the trauma and distress of emotional and psychological difficulties is hard enough. When alone and without the support of caring professionals such as those of Los Olivos residential rehabilitation centre who understand and are qualified to it help can be an impossible task.

For those who try to cope alone, sadly each successive attempt can lead to increased feelings of hopelessness and despair which sometimes only contributes further to destructive behaviour and impairs the quality of life of the sufferer and his or her loved ones.

As one of Europe’s leading providers of private rehabilitation care Los Olivos rehab centre in Spain, might offer the ideal solution in such difficult circumstances.

Los Olivos Rehab Centre Saves Lives

Los Olivos residential rehabilitation centre, is beautifully located in Malaga, southern Spain within the stunning region of Lake Viñuela. The rehab centre is staffed by a multidisciplinary team comprised of some of Europe’s foremost therapists, counsellors and doctors. Unlike certain others who specialise in private rehabilitation, Los Olivos rehab centre in Spain offers a fully integrated service which encompasses everything from full medical treatment and detoxification facilities, through a whole range of therapeutic and counselling treatments, to 12 step programmes and a vast range of educational workshops.

Los Olivos rehab centre in Spain has, quite simply, been the saviour of a great many suffering individuals who have gone on to lead successful, productive and fulfilling lives free from addiction and psychological distress.

Private Rehabilitation to Lifelong Recovery

From the moment you first speak to one of our highly trained and experienced therapists during your FREE admission interview, you will understand that Los Olivos stands apart from other residential rehabilitation centres in Spain.

Our commitment to providing the highest quality treatment, to treating our patients with the utmost respect and dignity and to caring for the human being who is suffering from not just the illness in isolation is at the very core of our philosophy.

It is your recovery which is our most important consideration and if we do not feel that we are the best people to help you achieve that, then we will help you to find the right person or establishment to do so.

The approach that we at Los Olivos take to treatment is a holistic and integrated one which takes into account not just immediate problems or symptoms, but the underlying issues which have led to and perpetuated the illness. In this way, our patients are able to return to their normal lives equipped with the tools for lifelong recovery and rehabilitation, and secure in the knowledge that the chances of relapse are significantly reduced.

The exceptional standards of individual care, provided in a residential setting allow patients to totally focus on building the very strongest foundations for long-lasting health and success.

Los Olivos Private Residential Alcohol & Drug Rehab in Spain is nothing short of what you deserve and owe to yourself.

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