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Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Programme Intervention

‘Intervention’- a term frequently misunderstood associated with conjured up images of forced patients remitted to treatment centres. At Los Olivos rehabilitation centre, intervention is nothing of the sort. In fact our process of intervention has nothing to with compelling somebody to do something against their will, but rather about meeting with the individual and putting forward a compelling and realistic rehabilitation programme which invites them to receive help.

Typically at Los Olivos rehabilitation centre, we would recommend intervention for sufferers of alcohol and drug addiction as well as for people with various eating disorders. Sadly it is often the case that sufferers are in denial or have gone to great pains to keep their illness hidden. Their self-destructive behaviours often continue relentlessly, sometimes to the point where the individual’s very life is in danger, and almost invariably the relationship between sufferer and carer is in extreme jeopardy.

Under such circumstances family and friends, who feel unable to help, but desperate for the sufferer to receive the care they need, can seek recourse through our intervention rehabilitation process. Through this process we aim to present the reality of the situation to the individual in a caring and compassionate way. This often helps the sufferer to accept immediate help towards recovery.

Intervention at a Top Rehabilitation Centre

When a well established rehabilitation programme really comes into its own is in case where friends and family have attempted interventions of their own. Well intended though they are, such cases rarely work and may indeed make matters worse. Confrontation and judgement is often the outcome and may only add fuel to the fire of the sufferer.

To be truly effective, and rehabilitation programme of intervention needs to be carried out in a loving, respectful, non-confrontational and non-judgemental way. In this way the individual is encouraged rather than pushed into treatment. When carefully planned and carried out at a top rehabilitation centre through the careful guidance of professional and experienced therapists and counsellors and therapists, who truly understand both the illness and the individual sufferer, intervention may be one of the most powerful tools in helping sufferers.

At Los Olivos rehabilitation centre our highly trained team of therapists and professionals has many years experience of successful intervention and can provide the full range of treatment necessary to secure long-term recovery. The chance of relapse is therefore greatly reduced. At our rehabilitation centre in the stunning Lake Vinuela region of Southern Spain, patients received the very best in terms of full medical treatment, detoxification programmes when required, and a comprehensive range of integrated therapeutic treatments. This is all provided in a tranquil family environment which provides the perfect setting for patients to focus on their recovery and future well-being.

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