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Los Olivos Prescription Drug Rehab in Spain

Typically when people think about drug abuse and drug addiction, it is non-prescription drugs that they have in mind. However, the abuse of prescription drugs is today a far more common phenomenon with an ever increasing list of sufferers. As with certain narcotics such as heroin, cocaine, etc the very nature of some prescription drugs is such that they can become addictive which is why we offer a prescription drug rehabilitation programme at our rehab centre in Spain. 

When patients start using prescription medication inappropriately, excessively or for non-medical purposes, the risk of addiction can be very high indeed, in many ways it is much less understood than those who are addicted to narcotics. Sufferers from prescription drug addiction may be equally in need of an admission to our prescription drug rehab centre in Spain. The experts at Los Olivos Prescription Drugs Rehab can treat sufferers of addictions to prescription drugs such as vicodin, codeine and morphine and many other prescription drugs.

The danger lies in the ease at which the body can become tolerant of these drugs over the course of time. Individuals may find themselves upping their dosage in order to achieve the same effects. This may in turn lead to physical and psychological addiction.

Private Drug Treatment Centres Can Cure Prescription Drug Addiction

As with recovery from addiction to non-prescription drugs, the first step is the same process for prescribed medication - discontinuance of its use. Individuals vary greatly in terms of their ease in doing so. In some cases, patients are able to stop taking the medication without admission to private drug treatment centre or entering into a prescription drug detoxification programme. For other sufferers a gentle detox programme may be appropriate. Again, as with non-prescription drugs, in such cases discontinuing the use of prescription drugs must be managed carefully, all of our staff at our prescription drug rehab centre in Spain is on hand to guide you through the recovery process. 

At Los Olivos Prescription Drug Rehab, the renowned practitioners who make up our multidisciplinary team have years of experience in helping people deal with recovery from prescription drug abuse. Through residential prescription drug rehabilitation not only do they tackle the addiction from a physical perspective, they also use an integrated approach to treatment which encompasses the emotional and psychological aspects of it too.

Through individual and group therapy sessions, cognitive behavioural therapy, twelve step programmes and workshops, our comprehensive residential drug rehabilitation treatment ensures that patients are provided with the best possible start to their recovery and that they have the tools upon completion to continue a life which is free from prescription drug addiction. Even after they leave the facility, they are still supported by our superb aftercare service which allows them to build on the work that they have begun.

Los Olivos is one of Spain’s leading private prescription drug rehab centres. Contact us for your first step on the road to prescription drug recovery.

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