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Privacy and confidentiality are absolutely key to psychotherapists and counsellors being able to work successfully with their patients. If practitioners are unable to give their assurance of these things, then it is impossible for an atmosphere of trust to be built and for the most effective treatment to be provided.

At Los Olivos, our professional experts not only have years of experience in treating addiction, co-dependency and trauma cases, but their commitment to the very highest ethical standards and their guarantee of privacy have permitted patients to feel safe and confident and so to receive the maximum benefit from their treatment.

No matter how our patients make contact with us, whether by telephone or directly through our website, any information that they provide to those directly involved in the provision of their care is kept entirely confidential and at no time is it passed to any third party unless this is so required by law. In this way, patient privacy is assured whether they choose to use our services or not and, if they do choose to do so, then their records are kept strictly confidential throughout the course of and at all times following their treatment. Should ever a case arise where a patient gives his or her explicit consent for information to be provided to a third party, such as might be the case if he or she were referred to another health care professional who would be directly involved in their care, we would always make absolutely certain to which records their consent applies.

As well as the registration details, such as name and contact details, which it is necessary for us to collect, our therapists and counsellors do, of course, take notes on the content of the sessions which are attended by patients. These essentially act as aide memoires and are used strictly for professional purposes by the relevant practitioner to ensure the highest standards of treatment and care. Only if required by law would these ever be made available to anyone not directly involved in the patient’s care.

Whilst medical records in general are afforded a great deal of protection in terms of privacy and confidentiality, the staff at Los Olivos are particularly mindful of the issues associated with those relating to the provision of care to individuals suffering from sensitive emotional and psychological difficulties. Not only do their professional reputations rest on their commitment to confidentiality, but this has also contributed enormously to their high levels of success in helping patients to achieve long-term recovery.

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