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Food WITH Thought

There are many cookery books on the market today. Every nationality divulging"secret" recipes from around the world to excite and delight our taste buds. Why, you may ask, is this one so different?

This book was not just created to give recipes to others, although you will find there are lots of fantastic ideas, it is also a part of a journey of healing, creating and achieving.

This journey was embarked upon by a group of people who have set out to change their lives for the better. Putting this book together has been a part of their recovery.

It started in a kitchen high up in the mountains, surrounded by goats and sheep and breathtaking scenery. We are a group of people who have various addictions including alcohol and drugs. These addictions have created havoc and destruction in our lives and in the lives of those around us. We are now striving every day to keep away from those times and live what you might call a “normal, happy, life.

So, at the start we were, amongst other places, in that kitchen, cooking, even those who did not profess to culinary genius could take part, and did.

Each of the recipes will give, of course, ingredients and method but you are also invited to read a little story behind each creation, what the dish means to the person who cooked it.

Food is essential, we know that, but preparing it for yourself and others can be a great way to relax, spend time, create and achieve. The experience in the kitchen provided people with a feeling of self worth and pride and has gone a long way towards our process of healing.

You’ve picked up this book, so take this journey with us, addict or not, enjoy it and eat well.

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