Recipes starting with L

Lemon Cheesecake

A classic dessert, this tasty cheesecake is a favourite with our private rehab residents or "Los Olivians". We find that people gain a feeling of self worth and pride from spending time in the kitchen and that this has gone a long way towards our process of healing.

You can top your cheesecake with fruit and a little heated jam as a glaze. To make a chocolate or coffee cheesecake, don’t use the lemon and add either melted chocolate or a small strong coffee at stage 5.


  • Complexity: easy
  • Origin: Fish

Luxury Fish Pie

If you are going to have a fish pie, make it a luxury one. This dish was cooked by one of our private rehab residents many times, but the most memorable was when she cooked it for her sister and the sister’s family. She was back in the UK for a visit to her mother who had taken ill, so she was staying with her sister on her farm. The pie took ages to make, but shouldn’t really take that long, it’s a fairly quick dish. At one point it ended up on the floor, but what the eye doesn’t see, (!!), it didn’t ruin the flavour and no-one was ill. Dropping on the floor isn’t included in this recipe, just don’t worry about it if you do!


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