• Time: 3 hours
  • Complexity: medium
  • Origin: Meat

Paprika Chicken With Mash - Comfort and Warmth

This combination of the creamy chicken and soft mash really is a great image of home and wholesomeness.

This was made for six people at Los Olivos private rehab clinic. It is great served with a salad; lettuce, onion, avocado and beetroot with an olive oil and lemon dressing. Enjoy

  • Complexity: medium
  • Origin: Meat

Slow Roasted Belly of Pork with Savoy Cabbage and Shallots

This is a particularly memorable dish for one individual we heard from recently. It held particular significance as it was cooked for her and her husband by their daughter who had attended our residential rehab program. The meal took place in the daughters new home, just after she was married.


  • Time: 1
  • Complexity: very easy
  • Origin: Meat

Xmas Eve Stew

First made on Xmas eve a few years ago by those in private rehab over the holidays.

A traditional Andalucía dish, Xmas eve stew is based on a dish called Fadaba which contains chunks of pork and black pudding. Here at Los Olivos we've decided to go with Chorizo to give the dish extra spice. Warm and filling it is the perfect comfort meal on those chilly evenings.

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