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Olive and Herb Bread

If you have never made your own bread before that is a shame. Many say 'well if it so easy to go and buy some, why bother with all the fuss and complication of making it?' Well, if you ever find yourself with a little spare time and a clear head making bread can not only be therapeutic but also very rewarding. We all know what it can be like trying to fill the time you'd previously be spending on drugs, making bread is a firm favourite for many who have left residential rehab and are now their own masters.

Yes making bread takes time, but it’s not fussy and it’s not complicated and you get a work out as well. Ever thought about taking your frustrations or excess energy out on a ball of dough? You'll wonder why you hadn't tried it before.

The bread kneading work out is tough, you have to commit to bread kneading, less than 10 minutes and the bread won't turn out right. Ideally you should aim for around 20 minutes of dough bashing. For those that commit they will be rewarded with some delicious bread by the end of it.


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