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Two Week Detox - An Accelerated Detox Program at Los Olivos Private Rehab Clinic in Spain

There are those for whom a four to six week stay in a private rehab clinic in Spain is simply not possible. Constraints of time, work and finances may seriously impede a persons ability to undertake a full term stay. For these individuals Los Olivos offers a Two Week Detox program in their private rehab clinic located in a beautiful part of Southern Spain.

This accelerated program at Los Olivos rehab clinic, though not as comprehensive as a long term stay, has been designed by our therapeutic team to achieve long term results. Any client entering Los Olivos Private Rehab Clinic in Spain on the Two Week program must be driven and motivated in order to fully benefit. Those who are not already willing to completely commit would be better suited to a longer stay at the rehab clinic.

The accelerated program at Los Olivos' private rehab clinic is comprised of the following goals and services:

  • Medical Evaluation
  • Full Medical Detoxification from all drugs and alcohol
  • Psychological evaluation
  • A better understanding of the nature of addiction
  • Knowledge of ones own behavioural patterns
  • An introduction into a 12 Step program
  • Therapeutic work on underlying issues
  • An aftercare plan and support for the clients return home and continued recovery

Completing a two week detox at Los Olivos Rehab Clinic in Spain may be the first steps that you take towards recovery. 

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